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Saison style beers have a straw colour an ABV between 3.5% and 9.5% and a medium bitterness

Saison characteristics

Saison style can have different appearances—pale or dark—and strenght—table, standard or super—, but generally it is a refreshing and low ABV beer with a high carbonation. It can have complex aromas, with fruits or spices, and the flavor also have that attributes, with a almost non-noticiable alcohol and always a dry finish.


Saison is an style whose origins lie in Wallonia (Belgium). Its complete name is Bière de saison, and it means literally beer of season, as it was always brewed during the winter—from October to March, being the last day allowed to brew the 29 of March—matured during the cooler months, and then drunk in harvester time by the peasants (saisonniers).

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