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What is a Quadrupel?

Quadrupels or Belgian Dark Strong Ales are very complex Belgian ales, sometimes connected with an Abbey or a Trappist monastery. Its appearance range from deep amber to reddish brown. Aromas are rich, with spiciness and malt presence, and hints of fruits. Flavors are as complex as aromas, with malt presence, fruits and some alcohol, and a dry finish. It is more malty than a Dubbel and not as bitter as a Tripel.


Quadrupel style is also referred as Belgian Dark Strong Ale. The first beer labelled as Quadrupel was brewed at De Koningshoeven abbey and called La Trappe Quadrupel. The name derives from the quantity of sugar/original gravity of the beers, having the Quadrupel the highest amount the alcohol compared with Tripels or Dubbels.