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AIPA - American IPA

American IPA style beers have a pale amber colour an ABV between 6% and 14% and a high bitterness

American IPA characteristics

American IPA is the American reinterpretation of English IPA using American ingredients. It is strongly hoppy and bitter, with a balance towards hops and a clear fermentation profile. Color goes from gold to reddish-amber. Aroma is floral, hoppy, bringing the characteristic properties of American hops like Mosaic, Citrus or Cascade.

What is the difference between a American Pale Ale and a American IPA?

  • American IPA's are more hopped, while APA's are more ballanced towards malt.
  • American IPA's tend to have a higher ABV and a cleaner malt base.
  • – Both styles can overlap, so sometimes is the brewer who choses which style does apply to the beer.


American IPA—also known as West Coast IPA—is a style pioneered by Vinnie Cilurzo, head brewer from from Russian River brewery, inspired by the APA style created by other two American breweries, Sierra Nevada and Anchor Brewing.