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No Whey

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330 ml

5.7 %

Wylie - No Whey

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No Whey tasting notes

No Whey is an American IPA by Wylie, brewed with tropical hops and lactose. It has a very smooth mouthfeel, with hints of pine, tropical fruits and flowers both in aroma and taste, and a very refreshing, not very bitter finish.

American IPA is the American reinterpretation of English IPA using American ingredients. It is strongly hoppy and bitter, with a balance towards hops and a clear fermentation profile. Color goes from gold to reddish-amber. Aroma is floral, hoppy, bringing the characteristic properties of American hops like Mosaic, Citrus or Cascade.

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3.9 / 5

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5.7 %



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3.881 / 5

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