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Found In The Warehouse
Two Tanks

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330 ml

6.8 %

204 Kcal.

Two Tanks - Found In The Warehouse

3.75  per unit

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Found In The Warehouse tasting notes

Found In The Warehouse from Two Tanks is a IPA with 6.8 ABV from Spain with an overall rating of 0 in Ratebeer.

– Modern IPA's are decidedly hoppy and bitter, with strong hoppy and floral aromas, specially from American hops such as Citrus and Mosaic.
– Some versions are dry-hopped to get an even more intense aroma.
– Its color ranges from medium-gold to amber and even to dark brown and black in the case of Black IPA's.
– The body is medium-light and the ABV is not very high, in the range of 5 to 7,5% ABV.
– The English styles have a more sweet character derived of the malts used (giving them a caramel, bread, and toast touch).

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