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Oud Bruin Oak Leaf
‘t Verzet

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750 ml

6 %

‘t Verzet - Oud Bruin Oak Leaf

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Oud Bruin Oak Leaf tasting notes

Oud Bruin Oak Leaf by ‘t Verzet is an Oud Bruin aged with oak leaf. In nose it is sour with oak in the foreground, red fruits and some acidity. Taste is sour with citric notes, wood and oak leaves and red berries. A very complex and new approach to Flanders Ales.

Sour Red / Brown is a cathegory that covers two styles that share a continuity and are originary from Flanders. Their defining character is the fruity character, pressence of malts, and a very wine-like character. The Flanders Red Ale style is closely related with the products of Rodenbach brewery.

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Oud Bruin Oak Leaf logo


Style Score

82 / 100

Overall Score

95 / 100

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Overall Score

3.81 / 5

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6 %



Total Brewer

3.526 / 5

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