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Sickest Sentence
Spike Brewery

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330 ml

7.5 %

225 Kcal.

Spike Brewery - Sickest Sentence

Sickest Sentence tasting notes

Sickest Sentence is a Baltic Porter brewed by Spike. Dark color with a solid beige head. Aroma is roasted, with coffee, some liquorice notes, rye bread and raisins. Taste is sweet and roasted, some bitterness and vinous notes going along chocolate and coffee.

Baltic Porter mixes the malt flavors of English Porters with the restrained roast of German style smoked beer, and adds a higher ABV. It usually has complex aroma and flavour profiles with caramel, chocolate and/or fruits, with no sourness at all. Taste has a roasted touch and a clean lager character, but is much less roasted than an Imperial Stout.

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