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75cl Rodenbach

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750 ml

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Rodenbach - Alexander 75cl

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Alexander 75cl tasting notes

Rodenbach Alexander (75cl bottle) is a Red Flanders Ale first brewed in 1986 commemorating the 200th anniversary of Alexander Rodenbach. It is a blend of 2/3 2 years old Rodenbach and 1/3 young Rodenbach. The blend is then macerated with sour cherries. It has a lot of sweet cherry taste and aroma, balanced with sourness and notes of oak and some vinous character.

Sour Red / Brown is a cathegory that covers two styles that share a continuity and are originary from Flanders. Their defining character is the fruity character, pressence of malts, and a very wine-like character. The Flanders Red Ale style is closely related with the products of Rodenbach brewery.

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5.6 %



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