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Serial Tripel
Rebel’s Brewery

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400 ml

8 %

240 Kcal.

Rebel’s Brewery - Serial Tripel

5.5  per unit

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Serial Tripel tasting notes

Serial Tripel from Rebel’s Brewery is a Abbey Tripel with 8 ABV from Italy with an overall rating of 83 in Ratebeer with a bitterness of 32 with a bitterness of .

Tripel is a term coined in Belgium in order to describe a strong pale ale inspired in the Tripel from Westmalle—who used the word tripel in 1956 to rename their strongest beer. It is a spicy, dry and strong Trappist ale with a rounded malt flavour. Aromas are complex with spiciness and fruity notes.

Flavour tend to be spicy and fruity too, with malt sweetness in the background and sometimes a honey touch. Tripel use to be high in alcohol, but they don't strongly taste as alcohol which is usually well hidden. Tripels can be compared with a slightly strong version of a Belgian Golden Strong Ale.

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Style Score

89 / 100

Overall Score

83 / 100

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