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Pühaste - Talvepatt

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Talvepatt tasting notes

Talvepatt by Pühaste is the winter version of his Patt porter, with cacao nibs, vanilla and anise. It has a very rich aroma with a lot of roastiness, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cacao, spices and dark fruits. Palate is sweet with some spiciness and hints of cacao and anise and a bitter finish.

Porter is a moderate-strength brown beer with a restrained roasty character and some bitterness. May have roasted flavour—but not burnt—, and often has a chocolate, caramel and malty character. Color is brown to dark brown, and aroma is moderately low bready, biscuity malty.

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Style Score

67 / 100

Overall Score

90 / 100

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