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250 ml

3.5 %

105 Kcal.

Lindemans - Kriek

Kriek tasting notes

Lindemans Kriek is a fruty lambic that has been blended since 1979. 25% of cherry juice is added after filtering, and then sweetened with stevia. It has a sour aroma and taste, with a lot of cherries, being the dominant character of the beer, and a dry finish with no bitterness and a smooth cherry aftertaste.

Fruity Lambic is a variety of Lambic often produced like Gueuze Lambic—by mixin one, two and three year old Lambics in the same bottle. Fruit is added halfway the aging process, so the yeast and the bacteria can ferment all the sugars from the fruit. Most traditional styles of fruit lambic are kriek (with cherries), framboise (with raspberries) and druivenlambik (with muscat grapes). The flavour of the fruit should be evident, coming in hand with a sour flavour. When young, the beer preserves its fruity taste, but when aged the lambic character becames more dominant.

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