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Laugar - Ostadar

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Ostadar tasting notes

Laugar Ostadar is an American IPA, a substyle of India Pale Ale. It pours hazy gold, with a medium sized cream head. Aroma is fruity and resinous hops. Taste has a lot of hops bitterness, with little spicy citrics, and with a long bitter finish. A great refreshing beer.

American IPA is the American reinterpretation of English IPA using American ingredients. It is strongly hoppy and bitter, with a balance towards hops and a clear fermentation profile. Color goes from gold to reddish-amber. Aroma is floral, hoppy, bringing the characteristic properties of American hops like Mosaic, Citrus or Cascade.

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Style Score

76 / 100

Overall Score

82 / 100

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