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330 ml

7.3 %

219 Kcal.


Laugar - Kiskale

3.1  per unit

Kiskale tasting notes

Laugar Kiskale is an Amber Ale with great caramel presence both in aroma and taste, that blends very well with the typical Amber Ale base malt profile. A very well-rounded beer with a sweet and happy ending.

Amber Ale is quite related with American Pale Ales, even though they have a different malt ballance. Its appearance is amber to coppery brown, with a moderate hoppy aroma with fruity characteristics from american hops, and also high maltiness. Flavor is moderately to highly hopped, with floral notes and a lot of malty sweetness. Finish is sweet with hints of hoppy bitterness. In comparison, they're maltier than American Pale Ales, and less hoppier and alcoholic than Red IPA's.

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Style Score

28 / 100

Overall Score

69 / 100

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