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Black Widow

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330 ml

8 %

Laugar / Browar Stu Mostów - Black Widow

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Black Widow tasting notes

Black Widow is a collab between Spanish brewery Laugar and Polish brewery Browar Stu Mostów. It is a Baltic Porter a typical Polish style. Aroma in intense, with anise on top and spices, pepper. Taste is sweet, with lots of anise and a balsamic character.

Baltic Porter mixes the malt flavors of English Porters with the restrained roast of German style smoked beer, and adds a higher ABV. It usually has complex aroma and flavour profiles with caramel, chocolate and/or fruits, with no sourness at all. Taste has a roasted touch and a clean lager character, but is much less roasted than an Imperial Stout.

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