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H-Nut Bomb!

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330 ml

5 %

La Quince - H-Nut Bomb!

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H-Nut Bomb! tasting notes

La Quince H-Nut Bomb! is a Brown Ale brewed with hazelnuts. It has a lot of hazelnuts both in the aroma and in the taste, whith some sweet additions from malts, roastiness, biscuit, sugar and caramel. Finish is herbal and hoppy with malt sweetness.

English Brown Ales are itself a very varied category, ranging from lighter and hoppy to darker and more caramel and roasted beers. Their American counterparts tend to be more hoppy. Malts used are caramel and chocolate, and hops varieties are mostly English. It is a more malty style than British Bitters, and less roast than English Porters, and with less sweetness than London Brown Ales.

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