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Old Skull Fellas
La Pirata

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330 ml

13.2 %

396 Kcal.


La Pirata - Old Skull Fellas

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Old Skull Fellas tasting notes

Old Skull Fellas from La Pirata and La Calavera Brewing is a Barley Wine from Spain. It gets a 50 rating in Ratebeer, it has a strong ABV (13.2%) combined with a high bitterness (60 IBUs).

Barley Wine is an American reinterpretation of classic English Barley Wine. Color ranges from light amber to medium copper, and aromas are quite hoppy, with floral notes of American hops. Taste is ballance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness, but the ballance is always towards bitter, with a strong alcoholic character. It is less hoppy and sweeter than an Imperial IPA.

Old Skull Fellas logo

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