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La Calderina

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330 ml

5 %

La Pirata - La Calderina

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La Calderina tasting notes

La Calderina is an Amber Ale from a collab between La Pirata and Art, brewed with thermal water from Caldes de Montbui. It has a very smokey aroma, with some citric notes. Taste is somewhat sweet, with smokey hints and salty and sour notes from the thermal elements and some herbal hints. Finish has sour and acidic notes with a smokey aftertaste.

Amber Lager is also known as Vienna Lager, as it is an style developed by Anton Dreher in Vienna in 1841, and after exported to Mexico. It has a rich malt complexity balanced with some hop bitterness. Nowadays it is mostly crafted by macrobreweries, used sweeteners, while some reinterpretation of the original brew are all-malt with a fuller body and more character.

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