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Salty La Faina
Jungle Juice

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330 ml

4.7 %

141 Kcal.


Jungle Juice - Salty La Faina

Salty La Faina tasting notes

Salty La Faina from Jungle Juice is a Gose from Italy. It gets a 50 rating in Ratebeer and a low ABV (4.7%) together with a moderate bitterness.

Gose is a wheat beer brewed with lactic fermentation, and flavoured with coriander and salt. It includes at least 50% of malted wheat and it has a hazy appearance with a medium yellow color. Aroma is slightly fruity with presence of coriander. Flavor is sour with lemon character, fruity notes and noticiable salty taste. Carbonation is high and acidity is not as intense as Berliner Weisse or Lambic.

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