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History of Jopen

Jopen is a Dutch brewery based in the city of Haarlem (Netherlands). The name comes from the word jopen used in the middle ages to design the 112 litres beer barrels used to transport Haarlem beer. The brewery was an effort to bring back brewing in Haarlem, a city with a long tradition of brewing that ended abruptly in the beginning of the 20th century due to tax raises. In 1992, the Haarlem Beer Society was founded in order to restore two old recipes with so much success than in 1996 Jopen brewery is founded upon them. In 2010, they purchased the Jacobskerk church in Haarlem in order to make it a brewery, café and restaurant, renaming it as Jopenkerk. Their beers revisit old Haarlem and Dutch recipes as well as more modern international recipes.