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Saison Foudre Blend

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750 ml

6 %

Garage Beer - Saison Foudre Blend

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Saison Foudre Blend tasting notes

Saison Foudre Blend is a Saison by Garage Beer aged in foudre for 8 months. It has an intense brett aroma, with yeast and acid berries. Taste is sour, acidic with berries and yeast in the background. And a dry and acidic finish.

Saison style can have different appearances—pale or dark—and strenght—table, standard or super—, but generally it is a refreshing and low ABV beer with a high carbonation. It can have complex aromas, with fruits or spices, and the flavor also have that attributes, with a almost non-noticiable alcohol and always a dry finish.

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Style Score

43 / 100

Overall Score

58 / 100

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