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Backflips All Day Long
Garage Beer

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440 ml

7.7 %

231 Kcal.

Garage Beer - Backflips All Day Long

5.92  per unit

Backflips All Day Long tasting notes

Backflips All Day Long from Garage Beer is a Sour/wild ale from Spain. It gets a 50 rating in Ratebeer and a high ABV (7.7%) together with a moderate bitterness.

A Sour ale, also known as wild ale is a category that englobes all type of ales that are brewed with other bacterias than traditional brewing yeasts—Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus or Acetobacter to name the most common. The composition of this microflora varies a lot even between short geographical distances—probably due to the evolutionary pressure of human brewing activity—making each local variation unique.

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