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Blonde Ale
(Can/Lata) Espiga

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330 ml

4.5 %


Espiga - Blonde Ale (Can/Lata)

2.9  per unit

Blonde Ale (Can/Lata) tasting notes

Espiga's Blonde Ale, stands out for its intense aroma, with citrus notes, tropical fruit, melon and grape. In the mouth the fruit stands out, with a final bitterness that compensates the sweetness. Now also in canned version!

Blond Ale is a slightly stronger version of a golden ale, with some yeast complexity. Its Belgian version is related with Dubbel or Tripel, while the British version is more hoppy and refreshing, almost as an American Pale Ale, while the American and Canadian versions are less hopped.

Blonde Ale logo

Style Score

99 / 100

Overall Score

84 / 100

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