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House Arrest
Edge Brewing

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440 ml

10 %

300 Kcal.


Edge Brewing - House Arrest

5.95  per unit

House Arrest tasting notes

House Arrest from Edge Brewing and Barrier Brewing is a Imperial IPA from Spain. It gets a 50 rating in Ratebeer, it has a strong ABV (10.0%) together with a moderate bitterness.

Imperial IPA or Double IPA is a strongly hopped strong pale ale. Its appearance is golden to light orange-copper, with almost no hazyness. Aromas are predominantly hoppy, with notes of American hops—pine, citrus, tropical fruits, etc.—, and additional dry hopping may give some herbal character. Flavour is highly bitter, very hoppy, with floral hints from the American hop varieties. Finish is dry to medium-dry and medium to high carbonation. It's bitter and hoppier than a English IPA or an American IPA, and less malty and less alcoholic than an American Barleywine.

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