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Arroz con Leche

Edge Brewing - Arroz con Leche

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Arroz con Leche tasting notes

Arroz con Leche is a collab between Edge Brewing and German brewery Sudden Death. It is a White Sweet Stout brewed with vanilla, lemon zest and cinnamon, commonly used in famous Spanish dessert called Arroz con Leche. It has also loads of lactose, with rice, cinnamon in the nose. Taste is sweet, but ballanced with Nugget and Progress hops and fruity Belgian yeast. Finish is more stouty with some sweetness, but also bitterness.

Sweet Stout is an style originally developed in England, first known as milk or cream stouts—althought that name was later forbidden in the UK. It is a beer characterized by the use of lactose in order to make it sweeter and smoother than the typical stout or Imperial Stout. Sweetness is ballanced by the roastiness of malts and bitterness of hops. Another variation of Sweet Stout uses oatmeal as sweetener, resulting in a fuller beer.


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