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Art+32 Belgian Dubbel

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330 ml

7 %

Browar Stu Mostów - Art+32 Belgian Dubbel


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Art+32 Belgian Dubbel tasting notes

Art+32 is a Belgian Dubbel from a collab between Browar Stu Mostów and Jef Van Den Steen. It has red fruits and raisings in the aroma, with malt presence and some caramel and cookie notes. Taste is malty, with some sweetness and a warm alcoholic feeling.

Abbey Dubbel or just Dubbel was the name by Westmalle brewery to their first brown highly alcoholic beer. Its appearance is reddish-copper, with a sweet malty aroma, sometimes with hints of chocolate, caramel or toast, dried fruits or spices. Alcohol is present in the flavour, but never too prominent. Malt tends to predominate, and there is a slight bitterness that doesn't get to the aftertaste. Dubbel beers are not as malty as other styles as Bock, but on the other hand they have a richer malt profile than a Belgian Ale

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Style Score

44 / 100

Overall Score

44 / 100

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