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Art+18 Honey & Coconut
Wheat Wine

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330 ml

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Browar Stu Mostów / De Molen - Art+18 Honey & Coconut Wheat Wine

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Art+18 Honey & Coconut Wheat Wine tasting notes

ART+18 & Coconut Wheat Wine is a collab between Browar Stu Mostów and dutch brewery De Molen. It is a uncommon Wheat Wine, clean and mild with lots of yeast notes. The brew was split in two parts, and this one has rapeseed honey and roasted coconut chips. It has sweet and floral taste and aromas, with a very light finish and a sweet caramel aftertaste.

Wheat Ales are not as yeasty and more hoppy than classic German wheat beers, and difference themselves by using a cleaner yeast and an extra amount of hops. They are pale in appearance, and quite malty with some ballanced hop bitterness. Depending on the variation they can be fairly drinkables or more ballanced towards hop or wheat.

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Style Score

47 / 100

Overall Score

82 / 100

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