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Pauwel Kwak

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330 ml

8.4 %

252 Kcal.

Bosteels - Pauwel Kwak

Pauwel Kwak tasting notes

Pauwel Kwak by Brewery Bosteels is a Belgian Strong Ale named after an English 18th century brewer called Pauwel Kwak, who develop a new version of the traditional long Stirrup glass. It is a classic Belgian Strong, with caramel and spices both in the taste and the aroma, some bitterness and a warmth alcoholic sensation.

Belgian Strong Ale is a style that comprises from pale to bitter beers, with stronger yeast character than malt flavours, and higher alcohol than standard Belgian Ales. Colors tend to be light, and flavours smooth with some fruity and spicy notes.

Pauwel Kwak logo
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