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The Smoked Brown

Anspach & Hobday - The Smoked Brown

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The Smoked Brown—tasting notes 

The Smoked Brown by Anspach and Hobday is an historical recreation of the brewing methods of 18th century, when barley was treated in open fires and beer was stored in oak barrels. Brewed wutg Bramling Cross and Willamette hops, it has intense smoky notes in the nose, with hints of toffee, oak and biscuit. Taste is sweet, with malts, caramel, wood and some bitterness towards the end.

Any style of beer can be smoked by adding a smoked character to its base style. In order to achieve that, malts are smoked with different kinds of wood, and usually that kind of wood has some association with one of the main ingredients of the beer.


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