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The Persuasive Peacemaker Amager Bryghus

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500 ml

10.5 %

Amager Bryghus - Patrizio The Persuasive Peacemaker

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Patrizio The Persuasive Peacemaker tasting notes

Patrizio the Persuasive Pacemaker is the top rated Old Ale by Amager Bryghus. This beer is a very alcoholic one—a characteristic that suits perfectly the style—and with a lot of sweetness and vanilla, caramel and dried fruits hints, and with a strong presence of Bourbon. As strong as the guy in the label.

Old Ale is an ale with more ABV than standard beers, but not as alcoholic as Barleywine. Its appearance ranges from light amber to very dark brown, and aromas are malty with combination of dried fruits, caramel, toffee and other malty aromas. Taste is also very malty, and sometimes also hopped, with a dry to sweet finish. It is usually an aged beer, and it generally has more barrel qualities, in contrast with Barleywine.

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4.09 / 5

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10.5 %



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3.718 / 5

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