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Murphil 2017 Ed.

Amager Bryghus - Murphil 2017 Ed.

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Amager Bryghus

Murphil 2017 Ed.—tasting notes 

Amager MurpHill 2017 Ed. is an Imperial Porter by Amager Bryghus. It was released as part of the 10th anniversary of the brewery, paying homage to Mike Murphy and Shaun Hill who were brewers at Copenhagen back in 2012. This recipe was developed back then as a collaboration, as an Imperial Rye Porter barrel aged in Kentucky Bourbon. It has a lot of fruit, bourbon and malt roast in the aroma, with some warm alcohol. Taste is also warm and fruity with some coffee roastness and moderate sweetness for a bitter and alcoholic finish. A great porter, directly from the Ratebeer Top50.

Imperial Porter or American Porter is a more aggresive version of pre-prohibition Porters or English Porters. It has a dark brown appearance and strong dark malt aromas, with some burnt character and malt additions—chocolate, coffee, etc.— and some hop, even dry hopped. Flavor is malty, with some roasted character, and medium to high bitterness and finish is from dry to sweet. It is more bitter and alcoholic than English Porters, and less strong than American Stouts.


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