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Craft Beer in Sweden

Beer in Sweden has like in Norway, a long historic tradition related with farm brewing. In the old times, beer and mead were the most common beers among scandinavian, being mead the preferred one. Until the industrialization in the 19th century, breweries were family run, and the kind of beer produced for everyday use had a low ABV, whereas the stronger beers—as well as mead—were reserved to feasts and holidays. With the arrival of commercial lagers, a handful of medium sized breweries appeared, and every medium-sized town had its own brewery. It was not until the 20th century that the market concentrated in a few brands. This combined with the strict rules for selling alcohol in Sweden—any alcohol drink above 3.5% can just be sold by state-owned monopoly Systembolaget—made the beer landscape in Sweden quite dull for a long time, until in the 2010s, the craft beer revolution that had already started in other scandinavian countries—as Norway or Denmark—finally arrived to Sweden, first with acclaimed brewery Omnipollo from Stockholm and later with some of the best new breweries from the late 2010's, like Brewski, Beerbliotek or Brekeriet.

Brewers from Sweden

  • Nerdbrewing

    Nerdbrewing is a Swedish brewery founded in 2015 by Hannes Gruber and Karin Carlsson. Their name comes from Hannes educational background in computer science. Hannes was already an experienced homebrewer with many awards in the Swedish scene, and they started the brand as gypsy brewers. They later established their brewery at Malmö, sharing it with two other Swedish breweries, Chad Beer and Lilla Ölfabriken.

    In 2017, they became the Swedish brewery with the highest average in Untappd, heading past Omnipollo. Their most acclaimed beers are Imperial Stouts, like the multi-awarded Indexoutofbounds They have also developed an open source software for brewers.

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