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Italian craft beer

Italy has always been traditionally a wine producing country, so there was not any Italian beer styles or brewing tradition at all—at least since the last times of the Roman Empire. Craft beer in Italy started back 1990´s, and still in 1996 there just 12 craft brewers in the whole country. Back then, beer scene was dominated by big industrial lagers like Peroni or Birra Moretti. Some Italian craft pioneers were already creating the scene, like Teo Musso from Baladin, Agostino Arioli from Birrificio Italiano or Birrificio Lambrate, who were inspired by traditional Belgian and German styles.

In the early 2000's American brewers like Mike Murphy also helped growing the scene and started the seed of what will later become Birra del Borgo. In the latest years, the scene has grown dramatically, with some new brewers like Jungle Juice or Rebel's Brewery being rated as one of the new best breweries in the world.

Italian craft beer is also very influenced by Italian gastronomy. One of the latest craft beer trends in Italy are chestnut beers—birra alle castagne

Italian beer brands

  • Rebel’s Brewery

    Rebel’s Brewery is a brewery founded in Rome (Italy) in 2016 by Andrea Martorano, Riccardo Di Profio, Andrea Casini and Raffaele Lucadamo. They all had several years of experience as homebrewers, and they knew each other from Torrino neighbourhood, where they grew up together. They have influences from British breweries like Kernel or Siren, as well as from modern American breweries. Their most celebrated beers are tropical hoppy IPA's like Parrot Invasion or Serial TripelTropical Bomb.

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  • Jungle Juice

    Jungle Juice Brewing is a brewery founded in Rome (Italy) in 2014 by Umberto Calabria. Umberto became interested in beer after doing an Interrail journey in 2010 where he fell in love with Belgian beer.

    Umberto first started it as a gipsy brewery until 2016, when he opened his own brewery in Mandrione district, expanding the company with four other partners—Marco Mascherini, Claudio Lattanzi, Marco Valentini and Emanuele Grimaldi. They are considered one of the most promising new brewers in Italy, with top selling IPA's like Baba Jaga or Juice Spud.

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