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History of beer in Ireland

Beer in Ireland traces back to 3000 BC, and its Irish word for beer coirn, derives from the celtic word used for cereal. Even Irish legendary patron, St Patrick had his own brewer—Mescan—, and ale was brewed in monasteries throughout the country. Up to the 18th century, ales were produces in small local breweries caled alehouse, that were run by women also known as alewives. The most common style was what is now known as Irish Red Ale. It was also in the 18th century, when Arthur Guiness bought a small brewery in Kildare, that would later become the world famous Guiness Brewery, that started to brew Porter in 1799, and later would create their famous Foreign Extra Stout. But with industrialization, the variety slowly started to decline, going down from 200 breweries in the 19th century, to just 12 in 2007, after the first signs of the craft brewing movement emerged in Ireland, with new breweries as Galway Bay, Western Herd or Whiplash.

Brewers from Ireland

  • Galway Bay

    Galway Bay is an Irish brewery founded in 2009 by Niall Walsh and Jason O’Connell. They have previously started a gourmet pizza delivery company called Pizza Eile. They later pivoted to the burger business and after moving to a bigger venue called the Oslo, where they started to brew their own beers. Even though they were not initially planning to make their living out of beer, soon they saw the demand was booming and they founded the brewery. They recently moved to a new brewery in the outskirts of Galway, where they plan to expand until 40.000 Hl a year, and hired a new head brewer, Will Avery.

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