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    Craft Beer in Germany

    Beer is one of the most important parts of German culture, being Germany the 3rd country in the world in beer comsumption, just after Czech Republic and Austria. Beer making in Germany is also heavily influenced by the Reinheitsgebot—also labelled as the German Beer Purity Law—that was enforced in 1516, limiting the ingredients that could be used to produce beer to four—water, barley, hops and yeast.

    Although the law was repealed in 1987, it still heavily influences beer industry in Germany, dominated by wheat beer—syles as Weizenbock, Wheat Ale, Witbier or Berliner Weisse. This has limited the influence of the craft beer movement until recently new breweries like Freigeist Bierkultur, BRLO or Camba Bavaria have emerged claiming a mixture between revisiting old forgotten styles and brewing international styles.

    Brewers from Germany

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