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Beers from France

History of beer in France

Althought widely known as a wine country, France has a long brewing tradition, and around year 1000 they introduced hops into brewing as a way to preserve beer. This innovation was later introduced in the British Islands, giving birth to the diferentiation between beer (hopped) and ale (originally unhopped). From the 9th to the 14th century, monasteries had the monopoly over beer production. Over that time it evolved the most typical French style, the bière de garde a top fermented beer brewed during the winter in order to be drunk during the summer—like the Belgian saison. While at the beginning of the 20th century there were more than 2.300 breweries in France, industralization and mass lagers steadily decreased, and most small breweries dissapeared after WWII, and just saw a comeback of farmhouse brewing after the 1970's. In last five years, France has seen again an increase in small breweries due to the craft beer movement, with new brewers as La Dèbauche.

Brewers from France

    • 1. La Débauche

    • La Débauche is a French brewery founded in 2013 in Angoulême by Églantine Clément and Aurélien Camandone. In 2014 [they released a beer called Slap a Banker, due to the denial of a 100.000€ credit that they needed to expand the brewery. After that, they did they created a succesful crowdfunding campaign that also gave them notoriety in the whole country. They focus in dark beers and also in saisons, and their labels are always designed by visual artists—tattoo designers and comic illustrators.

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    • 2. Brasserie Iron

    • Brasserie Iron is a brewery founded in 2016 in Montauban (France) by David Garrigues. David had experience as a homebrewer. In just two years they have released 60 different references. It is characterized by adding original ingredients to its beers, such as paprika, strawberries or spring onions.

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    • 3. Biérocratie

    • Biérocratie, is a brewpub and a brewery in Paris (France), founded by Pierre and Jaclyn, two lovers of Belgian and American artisan beer, who occasionally collaborate in brews with other French brewers such as La Débauche.

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