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Beers from Denmark

History of beer in Denmark

Denmark has a beer tradition with origins in the viking era, as beer was considered then to be safest than water when sailing. Also, beer was considered as an invigorous drink for the battles, and it it was the drink served in Valhala—the warriors paradise in the nordic traditions. Even the world ale is considered to derive from the old norse ault meaning bitter, and also the origin of the Danish word for beer øl But that tradition was finished when the lager took over Europe in the 1840's and beyond. In Denmark, Calsberg was founded in 1847, and soon took over the market, having 70% share as of today. But in the early 2000's in Denmark it started what was branded as the Danish Beer Revolution, with a new wave of microbreweries inspired by the American Craft Beer Movement. Pioneers of that movement where brewers like Mikkeller, To Øl, Nørrebro Bryghus or Amager Bryghus. Danish craft breweries are nowadays considered some of the top breweries in the world, and a new generation is now emerging, with breweries as Ugly Duck or Flying Couch.

Brewers from Denmark

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