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Beers from Brazil

Craft Beer in Brazil

Beer was introduced in Brazil by German immigration in the beginnings of the 19th century, being the first beer produced under the name of Bohemia in 1853—brand that is still on production. In 1880 two of the main lager brands of the country appeared—Branhma and Antarctica, and the market is today dominated by industrial lagers, being Brazil the third country in the world in total beer consumption behind China and USA. Craft beer did not take off until the early 2000. In 2002 there were less than 50 craft breweries, while in 2018 there is more than 830, and over 2000 if we count gypsy breweries—cervejarias ciganas—in Portuguese. Some of the breweries among the Brazilian best are Trilha, Cervejaria Dádiva or Perro Libre.

Brewers from Brazil

  • Perro Libre

    Perro Libre is a Brazilian brewery founded in 2014 in Porto Alegre by Thiago Galbeno, Alberto Galbeno and Lucas Sperotto. They have been a gypsy brewery since their beginnings, and that is reflected in their name, that is translated as free dog. They are pioneers of canned sour ales in Brazil, and they recently opened a Tap Room in Porto Alegre.

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